Thursday, January 04, 2007

What Just Happened?

2006 was quite the year for me...a lot of good, a lot of craziness, a lot of weirdness, and now I just want to add it all up and take a look at what happened.

Significant events of 2006 (in chronological order)

*Ringing in the New Year London, England in with Mommy and Daddy

*The madness that was the culminating experience

*Attending my graduation ceremony
and officially adding the MLIS to my professional signature

*Hosting a house full of people to celebrate my graduation (and dealing with the madness surrounding "Sort of Cute Guy")

*The insanity that was the three days in between the interview and the offer

*Starting my new job, crazy new schedule and entire new life

*Actively starting to date for the first time since the "Big Red" debaucle of 2005

*Moving Out

*Officially becoming Wine Guy's girlfriend

*Hosting a party at my very own apartment

*Trying to maintain even a fraction of a hold on my sanity while facing the first holiday season holiday season when I didn't live at home

That was 2006.

Now, in 2007, I'm going to learn how to maintain (or regain) a hold on my personality, values and relationships with family and friends while having all of the following:
* A job with a hectic, demanding schedule
* An apartment
* A boyfriend

And finally, a big, huge, walloping THANK YOU to everyone who loved me, helped me, encouraged me and put up with me in 2006. It was a good year, but I wasn't always on my best behavior, so THANK YOU for still loving me, despite all of my shortcomings.

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singlemuslimah said...

You had a big year, hopefully 2007 will be even bigger.