Thursday, June 15, 2006

What Heavy Machinery and Romantic Relationships Have in Common

Okay, after a few days lost in the world of a foggy mind and a stuffy nose, I feel much better and am back on track (of course, I still need to get to bed early to make up for some random late nights over the past few weeks).

I also blame my recent wackyness over a certain boy on the quantities of cold medicine I consumed in the past few days. Yeah, no one should be allowed to make any decisions when on cold medication, not only does it bring about some seriously bizarre dreams (breaking my mom out of an insane asylum and escaping in an old Volvo with people who were apparently my husband and children as we raced through the streets of some combination of downtown London and Berkeley), but it absolutely breaks down my defenses, and I'm completely raw and weak.

I've (mostly) come out of the fog now, and I can see things a lot more clearly and make much more rational steps. Luckily, I was able to confine the crazy to my family and poor Irene, who had to deal with a freakin-out-for-no-reason-me (thanks to all of you by the way), and I've returned to the land of the (sort-of) sane.

Cold medicine should come with this warning: Do not attempt to operate romantic relationships while taking this medication.

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