Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Of course I have to have a resolution.

And here it is.

In 2007, I will calm down.

Or, rather, to quote myself when I came up with the resolution, I will, "calm the hell down."

So far, three days into the new year, this seems to be working. Repeating the mantra over and over has drastically improved my life, my state of well being and my relationships - already! I can do only so much, and I am only responsible for my own behavior. I can't change other people. I can change myself.

I can calm down!

Wine Guy already does a lot to calm me down, and I can see that a calm, cool, collected version of my functions much, much better in the world.

What have I done so far?

*I returned a book on CD unlistened to and several DVDs unwatched to the library, because I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew and would never possibly have time to enjoy them.

*I did not get riled up when the focaccia I was making last night turned into mush. Actually, I've worked with mushy bread dough before, and that wasn't the problem - it was cooking it in front of Wine Guy. What he makes generally follows a predictable order...So, I did not get nervous and flustered that he was seeing what I was making not turn out perfectly (and it did turn out to be quite tasty, thank you very much).

*I have told myself repeatedly to just take a breath and not let things get to me.

*I continue to listen to the Society of Women in Relationships and am grateful for what I have with Wine Guy

Calming the hell down also means keeping the lines of communication with myself open and active!

Happy New Year! 2007 looks good so far!

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