Thursday, October 06, 2005

I've gotten some odd looks that ask the question, "Why did you stay if you knew something was wrong?"

I have a good answer for that:
The first 2-3 weeks were great - the "honeymoon phase," where I learned the good stuff
The second 2-3 weeks were bumpy - I learned some things I didn't like, but I was invested enough to keep moving forward
The final 2-3 weeks were laced with doubt - As I tried to integrate acceptance as a new emotion for me, I recognized that I just can't settle.

He's the perfect guy for someone, but not for me...

P.S. I noticed this on my own blog from like four months ago and find it particularly apt at the current time:
Exit strategies will come along when they are necessary but should not necessarily be thought out ahead of time. That sounds odd, but if you need to get out, you'll know how.

The second issue of the e-mail: What happens next?

Next, I live my life for a few weeks! I get back into the heart of schoolwork and actually LEARN SOMETHING! I spend time with my family and friends (and my poor, crying pets), and I get my life back on track. I re-evaluate my priorities.

Already, I have learned from this that I am willing to wait for a better quality relationship. For the first time in my life, I'm NOT in a hurry...

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