Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009, The Year of Zen

or, at least, the year of avoiding stress pimples, whenever possible.

In 2006, I wanted to start dating again and get an apartment. Whoo. Mission accomplished :).

In 2007, I specifically resolved to calm down, and with the help of Irene decided to "clam the hell down" (I love when typos make life soooo much more fun, because, honestly, what would you rather yell at your friend when she's going into a panic spiral "calm down!" or "clam down!". I think the answer is obvious).

When 2008 rolled around, I was a heck of a lot closer to actually accomplishing that whole calming down thing and was ready to branch out a bit. I vowed to be more creative. Did I do that this year? You betcha. I wrote a book (wahoo!). I made a lot of my Christmas presents (including hand painted plates and an apron for my mom made out of fabric I designed and got printed through spoonflower). Yep, I am satisfied with the 2008 resolution.

And onto 2009. I have already promised to let myself off the hook.

Building on my birthday resolution, I'm going to say that in addition to letting myself off the hook, I'm genuinely going to be good to myself this year.

Being good to myself doesn't just mean treating myself to a Jamba Juice smoothie or a delectable Starbucks green tea frappucino. No, it also means getting to the gym, getting to bed on time, giving myself facials and otherwise taking care of my body so that I can be healthy and happy.

There will most likely be big changes ahead in 2009. WG should be getting a new gig. I may be making that major leap into another degree and a new field (still have to get those tests taken and applications filed, and, of course, there's that whole needing to get accepted bit...). That said, I also have to point out that this is the first time I have actually been prepared to handle huge changes with grace and in stride.

While in Oklahoma last week, my skin looked the best it has in at least two years. What was different? While I was dilligent about applying my facial meds and about getting enough sleep, the biggest difference was the lack of feeling utterly and completely overwhelmed with stress.

Being good to myself means not leaping to conclusions, not rushing to have an argument and never, ever being afraid to stand up for myself.

Being good to myself also means being honest with myself.

And on that note, here's a little blurb I stole from an e-mail I wrote to Irene after she shared this helpful little article:

I'm beginning to really see that not that much will change between WG and me when we get married. We'll live together (which will be awesome), but there's no magic wand that will get waved over us to make us not have to work anymore.

(and this realization takes our relationship one step closer to actually being ready for an engagement and a marriage...).

So, here's to 2009, in all its honesty and goodness...what are you doing this year?

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rubytuesdays said...

I love the all encompassing "be good to myself" resolution, it just seems so much more soothing and realistic and less of a chore than spelling it out as a facial a month, gym three times a week, etc etc. I hope you are good to yourself! And I am so happy to hear how wonderful your relationship with WG is. :) All the best to you and yours in 2009 babe!