Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I Learned in Oklahoma

1) No matter how much a woman thinks she has hinted at getting certain types of presents, the only way a man will actually know, without a doubt, that getting things will not get him in any kind of trouble, is for a woman to TELL a man what she wants.

2) It is possible to buy a 2600 square foot home with four bedrooms, three full baths and a second floor game room for $219,000, brand new in Oklahoma. In five years, chances are the house will still be worth $219,000 and will most definitely still be in Oklahoma.

3) The coastal states have the best produce. Oklahoma is not a coastal state.

4) It's kind of nice when a minister opens an NBA game with prayer.

5) It's rather odd when Christmas isn't at my house, and, thus, all about me, but it is quite survivable.

6) I don't suck at jenga.

7) There is traffic in Oklahoma, especially on the two days before and after Christmas when people are populating the malls to excessive proportions.

8) In Oklahoma, teenagers rebel against their families by becoming Texas fans, but almost everyone roots for the Dallas Cowboys.

9) Family comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and legal varieties.

10) I can spend seven days in a row with WG and still not get sick of him :Þ.


K. said...

hahahah. those are always great things to learn.

Mrs. said...

will there be corral photographs???