Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey, Your Sushi Looks Like A Car Bomb Exploded On It

Yeah, but it still tasted good.

WG and I headed over for a sushi-making good time with Irene and her man. It had been long in the works (cancelled, rescheduled then finally, and randomly scheduled for the middle of the week).

As we all know, my sushi-making skills are not exactly the best in the universe, but, dang, sushi is a wonderful little treat. And yes, my sushi was described as the title above suggests.

So, despite some messy sushi rolls (I can't roll them and Irene's man just didn't care what his looked like...WG and Irene had beautiful, perfect little rolls, but I'm not jealous), the evening was quite a success.

We ate our sushi, we answered questions out of "What If," with the best two questions being:
1) If your partner could sleep with one other person, who would that be?

WG picked Natalie Portman for me, while Irene's man picked the narsty boyfriend of one of their other friends. I acknowledged that I got the better end of that stick, and WG got a bit too excited when he said, "See! She's for it!"

2) If you could do magic for one day, what would you do?

At which point, I asked Irene's bf what he would do if he were Draco Malfo for the day, and he stared at me blankly (!) and said, "I am not what you would call educated..." And the other three people at the table stared at him in shock. How could he not know about Harry Potter?

And that t-shirt above, why that comes from noisebot, my new favorite online window shopping location. I know, I know, as a good little Catholic girl, I should probably be offended by the t-shirt. But, as a good little Catholic girl, I can also appreciate the Jesus as athletic hero comparison. I mean, come on, I think my Giants might be doing just a smidge better if Jesus was doing the hitting instead of Barry Bonds!

But we all gathered around Irene's computer to decide on our favorite t-shirts. We munched on sushi. We played a fun, thought provoking game (though WG coming up with Ms. Portman was not exactly a stretch considering his long-standing affection for her), and we ate lava cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. We even made boba!

Not bad for a Wednesday night, eh?


Bre said...

Sounds like an awesome Wednesday night to me!

Parchemina said...

That is funny - I wouldn't be surprised if my boyfriend chose Ms Portman in a similar situation...

Beth said...

I have never eaten sushi. I'm scared of it! Um, never heard of Draco Malfoy? Oh, how much he has missed out on. You better sit him down with the books or at least the movies, pronto!