Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Real World Wednesday

So, here at Pink Cereal and Raspberries, I have decided to institute Real World Wednesdays. I shall talk about something that's happening outside of my cloistered little least until it becomes painfully clear that I should just go back to talking about boys, books and baking.

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking about what I need to know more about, and one such topic happens to be the War in Iraq. When the war started, I was living in Boston, reading the NY Times and the Boston Globe everyday. I was also in Journalism school, so it makes sense that I was required to be more aware of the world around me.

Still, I can't entirely blame my cancelled subscriptions and move back out west for my ignorance of the news. In a way, I have become desensitized to the news about the war. I have gotten used to hearing that someone has died, that a bomb has exploded and that negotiations have faltered. And then I go on to read the six tips on how to be more productive at work, because that's what matters in my day to day life.

But the war in Iraq does and should matter in my day to day existence. It matters, because Americans are dying. It matters, because Cindy Sheehan lived in the town next to mine, and when her son died in the war, it topped the local news for weeks. It matters, because I live near an air force base, and I have long since stopped wondering wistfully where those huge, gray planes are flying off to in the middle of the night.

Seeking to educate myself on the topic, I went to the front pages of my two main sources of Internet news. Yahoo and CNN. I chose Yahoo, because that's where I get the most news -- it's where I have my e-mail account, and when I sign off, I am directed to the news page. I chose CNN, because it's where my mom, a total newshound, gets her television news.

Both sites had the same story about a bomb killing 50 soccer fans in Bagdhad. They also both featured a story about the body of a South Korean hostage being found in Afghanistan. And that's it on the front pages. The rest is news about weight loss, Wyoming, Brittney Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Oh, and a few tips on improving life in a wide variety of ways.

I know it's not just me who's lacking in information about the real news in the world, but I didn't truly realize it had completely infiltrated the news sources. No wonder I can't get the news...there are too many other stories distracting me from the real stuff!

Apparently, Lindsey Lohan's nasty cocaine habit matters more to the American public than the current death count of American soldiers in Iraq. And even then, the results I find are on an anti-war site, which may very well show some bias.

Now, I'm not justifying my lack of knowledge. It's merely that I understand it a bit more now.


AKA said...

It's hard to find the latest news on the war these days - sadly, it seems we've some how become used to hearing about it in such a way that we've now tuned it out. Instead, stories about Lindsay Lohan (sheesh, the girl just got out of rehab) make the front page because they are fresh.

You can try the BBC website for news or even some other world news websites. I find they cover a lot more stories and with a different spin then some of our North American media.

Real World Wednesdays sounds like a great idea :)

rubytuesdays said...

It is so easy to stay in our own bubbles and focus on our own day to day stuff while glossing over some of the huger issues in the world. I think RWW are a fantastic idea! If I may suggest, try the BBC for world news as well because they don't have the North American bias on it.

Sarah said...

AKA & Ruby - Thank you both for your suggestion. I have checked out the BBC when I'm feeling a bit British, but now I'll make more of a habit of least if they talk about British celebrities I won't get distracted, seeing as I have no clue who they are...