Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Song Lyrics

In honor of the two weddings I will be attending in the next two weeks, we have a variety of appropriate songs.

Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups
(because you can't get the lyrics out of your head, and it's just so darn fun to sing)

Because we're
Going to the chapel
And we're gonna get married
Going to the chapel
And we're gonna get married

Gee I really love you
And we're gonna get married
Going to the chapel of love

White Trash Wedding by the Dixie Chicks
(not that either of the weddings will be like this...well..not both of them)

You finally took my hand
You finally took my hand
It took a nip of gin
But you finally
took my hand
You can't afford no ring
You can't afford no ring
I shouldn't be wearing white and you can't afford no ring

Dearly Beloved by Faith Hill
(because if you're going to have the Dixie Chicks, then you have to have Faith Hill; it's, like, a rule)

All right: Here we go.

Good morning, dearly beloved,
We are gathered here today,
To watch two people we know make a big mistake.
They’ll stand up at the altar,
And solemnly swear: "I do".
They’ll be together forever till they find somebody new.

Single by Natasha Bedingfield
(because this is important for us all to remember, even as we watch two happy people make it official)

I'm not waitin' around for a man to save me
(Cos I'm happy where I am)
Don't depend on a guy to validate me
(No no)
I don't need to be anyone's baby
(Is that so hard to understand?)
No I don't need another half to make me whole

Independent Women by Destiny's Child
(because I do not support gold-diggers)

Question: Tell me what you think about me
I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings
Only ring your cell-y when I'm feelin lonely
When it's all over please get up and leave
Question: Tell me how you feel about this
Try to control me boy you get dismissed
Pay my own fun, oh and I pay my own bills
Always 50/50 in relationships

Grace of My Life by Brian Littrell
(because I still believe in the beauty of love)

You are the grace of my life
So tender, so undeserved
Hard to believe you're my wife
Even harder to put what I feel into words
If I need evidence God is good
Just looking at you is enough
You are the grace of my life
For you grace my life with your love

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singlemuslimah said...

You did not go there with "White Trash Wedding."

Fantastic song list. Have fun at the weddings!