Thursday, August 09, 2012

Photoshop: Wrapping up

I finished working my way through the 31 Days to Learning Photoshop Basics series. I learned how to manipulate pieces of photos using perspective and how to distort people's features using liquify. I even made the new header for this blog using Photoshop, something, I had no idea how to do before following this series.

The end of this tutorial also marks the end of my summer. I have four days off before returning to school after not only summer break but also my maternity leave. I'm heading to work after 16 weeks of days filled with my personal life (with some professional work thrown in to prepare for the new year).  I can't quite write about this new change yet, or I may break down into tears.

Back to photography! Yay!  The two tutorials this summer changed the way I take pictures and the way I process pictures. I've already started on another photography tutorial, 31 Days of Photo Tips, and I'll post anything here that seems worth sharing.  Beyond that, I've found a wealth of websites and other tutorials through Pinterest. I'll mention them by name in a post, or on my Photography page, if they make a difference in my little photography hobby.  Thanks for following along through these posts. I've been glad to have a way to make myself accountable for what I've been learning!

And, just for fun...I was going to post some liquified photos of Ari's smile, but they kind of creeped me out, so, instead, I'll just leave you with a happy baby:

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