Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Better Photos: Read the Manual

Today's assignment was to read the manual for my camera. I wasn't sure where to find the manual, but while cleaning out a craft cabinet, I found it! I use a Nikon D40x, which I have had for about three years. I have even had some paid gigs while using this camera, and I have also used it to capture images that won ribbons at various summer fairs. But read the manual? Hmm..that hadn't happened any time recently. I learned about AF-Area mode. I'll make some attempts at using it eventually! I just need a moving subject. When Izzy or Ari are on the go, I bet I'll be able to capture some interesting images. I am also learning about the various flash settings. I walked away with one big question: how is Programmed Auto different from Auto? I played with the camera and found out that the "P" mode lets me set my own "automatic". Three years in, and I am just learning this! The practice photos I took are nothing worth sharing, but I'm excited to try something other than Auto Focus soon!

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