Thursday, June 07, 2012

Better Photos: Shutter Speed

Today, I experimented a bit with the Shutter Priority Mode. This is like manual-lite.  I had control only over how fast the aperture closed (how much light was captured through the shutter) but not over the width of the aperture.

I didn't like this mode all that much, as I didn't think the camera adequately adjusted the f/stop to account for the changes in shutter speed.  I took a few photos in this mode and compared them with the settings used in auto (no flash).

 The top photo was taken on auto. 1/30, f/5.6.


The bottom photo was taken on shutter priority mode. 1/20, f/11.

I like the look of the top one better -- the lighting actually looks more like the natural light in the room!  Hmm. This experiment with manual vs. automatic is tipping in automatic's favor.

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