Tuesday, June 05, 2012

31 Days and Why I Love Photography

Hello, Summer! I love the lazy days, the long nights, and the barbecues. Oh, the barbecues... Since I started teaching, though,I have hours to fill. I want to fill them with things I love. I love spending time with my son, playing with the dog, seeing friends, writing, reading, baking, running. You would think that would be enough. It is and it isn't. I want to improve myself, too. So, I'm choosing to try out 31 Days to a Better Photo so that I can improve my skills in my favorite hobby. Day 1 Today is day one. The lesson is to always take the picture and to think about why I take pictures, why I love this hobby. My mom gave me her old Kodak 110 when I was about 12, and I started to live the idea of photography and cameras, in general. When my dad handed down his old Nikon FM-10 a few years later, I fell in love. Photos could capture something very close up - a flower, a cake, my cat's face - that the normal perspective would miss. Photos were also an art form that did not make me feel like a massive failure. I could (and still can) create a beautiful image. This gives me great joy. Now, I know that I can document my baby's life with photos he will enjoy. I'll spread the joy I feel when I see the images my Nikon DSLR can take.

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