Sunday, August 22, 2010

13.1 Miles is a Long Way to Run

The school year has begun, and each afternoon when I leave school, I actually look forward to returning the next day. Sure, I have only been a "real" teacher for three days, but other jobs have lost their charm by then. So far, the highlights include watching several students in my intervention class (the lower scorers/low performers) work together to help a group of four students try to untie their human knot. Whether my students realize it or not, they were developing key communication skills. They had to give their directions in a logical sequence, using words the other kids get the point. It was a moment of nerdy teacher bliss.

With the start of the school year, my half-marathon (did I ever mention that Irene and I are running a half-marathon in October?!) fast approaches, while the opportunities to train dwindle. Over the summer, I actually completed two run/walks that were over 14 miles. Now that I live in the land of the employed again, I have to make a real effort to fit that into my schedule.

For now, I can fit in 3-5 mile runs, which I think help with speed but not with stamina. Last Thursday, though, I had a break through run, one of those runs that makes me realize that my training has made a difference...what did I do? Why, I kept pace with Irene over a 5 mile run! Normally, we're together for the first mile or so, and then she moves out in front of me, and I never catch up to her. Thursday, though, I never let her get more than 10 feet ahead of me, and I would dig in and find the speed I needed to catch up to her. Mentally, this is a huge moment for me. I can keep up with my half-marathon partner, and that makes 13.1 seem a lot shorter.

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