Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hard Lessons

I should know better than to judge. It's all over the Bible. It's all over my upbringing, but still, when family friends get married and don't have health insurance or jobs, I begin to mull over how I would like my own life to go and decide against their way of doing things.

And then sh life happens.

WG is still awaiting good news on the job front, and the wedding is in six weeks. This certainly isn't the ideal way to start out our marriage. But we can't delay life in order to wait out the job market. In fact, living together will save us both money, if you want to look at the most practical of angles.

I really hate it, though, when my specific judgments about people turn right around and become my situations. Does this mean I'm also going to get knocked up on the honeymoon? That's not in the plans, but it's certainly something I've judged in other couple's recent marriages.

Oh, boy, should I start saving for a crib? I hear those suckers are expensive.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Yep, it's easy to judge and then be reminded that it might be easier than we realise to be in that same situation...

And I can laugh cos I didn't get knocked up on my honeymoon ;)

I would love it if there was an easy test (like peeing on a stick, perhaps?) to find out if you're really fertile or not to know how much you need to worry...

Parchemina (I can't be bothered logging in)