Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Can Tell I'm Getting Saner, Because...

  • This morning on the way to work, I cracked myself up when I thought of making brownies tonight for the potluck at work tomorrow. There is no way in the coldest, most frozen, ice-skating solid, version of hell, that I would be able to get that done tonight. And I realized that! Nine hours before "tonight." Good for me.

  • I am not yet packed for my trip to the corral, and the mere thought of all I have yet to do is not making my chest hurt in strange ways.

  • I realized that, though I thought I had finished my wrapping, I had not actually wrapped the new bowls I got for my cat's food and water. These will remain unwrapped, as I am sane enough to realize that the cat does not care that I got him new bowls, let alone whether or not he gets to unwrap them (though he has been having an insanely good time bounding into the living room and pouncing on any ribbon he might find).

  • WG informed me that we are not seated together on the plane. After visiting the airline's website and discovering that, indeed, there are no free seats left on the flights, so, forget seats together, I got over it and got to planning my flight-time activities

  • I actually made a solid step in the right direction and registered to take the CBEST, and part of my in-flight entertainment will be getting down to business with a pencil and my study book.

    Hayley said...

    depending on the airline, you can always request to be reassigned seats and just see what happens... sometimes they'll be able to rearrange things last minute, and it never hurts to ask!!

    have a safe and fun trip!!

    Parchemina said...

    Well done! I could learn from you :)

    Have a great Christmas.

    Mrs. said...

    Personally, I think sanity mey be over-rated.

    Mrs. said...

    Or "may" ... either whey ;->