Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Real World Wednesday

A lot has happened in the world since I spent Wednesdays in May being grateful.

Obama clinched.

Hillary didn't concede.

Sharon Stone decided to be an idiot and say awful things about people killed in an earthquake.

Brangelina had twins...oh, wait...that didn't actually happen yet.

With the world disasters happening, I still continue to be grateful for my own life.

And I want some way to contribute to the efforts to fix/improve the world.

But I want to do more than give money.

That's why Conde Nast's article on volunTOURism caught my eye. Now, this may have to wait until the days when I have the disposable income to pay to travel to a foreign nation and work for free for a week, but it's still a nice thought.

Voluntourists travel to a country in need, and they give back. They teach. They build stoves. They put up houses. They give back in the short-term. Voluntourists don't live in Japan for six years, teaching English to businessmen. Voluntourists are like Christians on a mission trip, but without the evangelizing.

So, before you write a check, visit and think about new ways you can change the world.

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