Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Real World Wednesday

The Gratitude List, final edition...for now.

1. For parents who understand, even when they'd rather just tuck their heads in the sand and prefer no changes were headed their way.
2. For a boyfriend and friends who didn't laugh at me when I twisted my ankle twice in the last half an hour of an entire weekend spent camping and hiking.
3. For that same boyfriend, who after the second fall, demanded that he carry the sleeping back strapped haphazardly to my back.
4. For new, shared memories with a treasured friend.
5. For showers.
6. For my loud, crazy cat back in my apartment after a weekend with my parents.
7. For the fear that makes me cautious as I consider major life changes in the coming months.
8. For that little voice in my head that monitors my actions and keeps me from driving people nuts.
9. For the end of a wonderful but somewhat life interupting photography class.
10. For running water.
11. For indoor plumbing.
12. For the quiet that is only found outdoors.
13. For the aches and pains in my body that remind me what I'm here for.
14. For the ability to let go, even when it hurts.
15. For pretty dresses and pretty, satiny shoes.
16. For walks with Daddy.
17. For easy answers to what I thought were difficult questions.
18. For new friends.
19. For peace of mind.
20. For blogging.

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brookem said...

12, 14, and 15- AMEN!