Friday, May 23, 2008

Real World...Friday?

Okay, so my gratitude was delayed this week due to a hideously crashing laptop :(.

But I'm still here, and I'm still grateful.

1. I am grateful for a mother who is willing to fill the role of personal assistant every once in a while (and she knows I'll do the same for her).
2. I am grateful that my daddy looked really sad when I brought up the idea of me moving somewhere else. His sadness just shows that he loves having me around, and for that I'm grateful.
3. I am grateful for the luxury of considering sleeping outside on the ground a "fun" excursion, for which I am willing to pay money.
4. I am grateful for the wind that blew away the extreme heat.
5. I am grateful for my body, for the ability to run, walk and swim.
6. I am grateful that I can still function and, in fact, enjoy my life without having a working computer.
7. I am grateful for the ability to let go.
8. I am grateful for the restorative powers of cheese and crackers.
9. I am grateful that the fog that often surrounds my thoughts is surmountable.
10. I am grateful for the luxury to dream of a brighter future.
11. I am grateful for good movies that make me strong enough to reject wasting my life on the exceedingly bad movies.
12. I am grateful for friends who talk me down from the ledge.
13. I am grateful for summer clothes, flat shoes and short hair.
14. I am grateful for spooning.
15. I am grateful for the maturity to remove myself from my over-achiever tendencies, every once in a little while.
16. I am grateful for an iHome that lets me wake up to my own, happy little music each morning.
17. I am grateful for a respite from audio books and return to music cds.
18. I am grateful for getting to bed on time.
19. I am grateful for recognizing now that life and priorities will change dramatically whenever I have children.
20. I am grateful for postcards.


brandy said...

#10- That one? I think everyone should read. For serious. So well said.

Anonymous said...

That is a great list and you are fortunate to have all that!