Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Real World Wednesday

Inspirational Women

Famous Women I Totally Dig

There are some women, actresses, authors, activitists, that I think deserve even more praise than they already get. So, on the off chance that you're not entirely aware of the awesomeness of these ladies, I wanted to make sure that even more people in the world know about them.

  • Ann Brashares
  • - The author of the acclaimed Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series really caught my breath with The Last Summer of You and Me. I'm thrilled that this talented woman has branched out from Young Adult Fiction, and her current book is the one that inspired me to go back to the keyboard.

  • Patricia Heaton
  • - She's an emmy award winning actress and the spokesperson for Feminists for Life. She's married with three kids, has a career and speaks out in support of more resources for student mothers. What's not inspiring about that?

  • Laura Bush
  • - There needed to be at least one librarian called to the front of the line this month. Forget who she's married to if you must, but we must give Mrs. Bush the credit she deserves for the attention she's brought to libraries nationwide, particularly school libraries. Additionally, she continues to ensure that the libraries hit by Hurricane Katrina get the renewed resources they need. Libraries are infinitely important sources of information and assistance, particularly in communities that have suffered in the way those hit by Hurricane Katrina have suffered; Mrs. Bush makes sure they get what they need.

    Three real-life women making strides and inspiring other women to action, however great, however small.

    And here's a Real World Wednesday Barista Update!

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