Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In Which I Wax Poetic About Shopping

My mother has given up shopping for the year. It's not a religious thing (well, maybe just a bit), but she is stepping away from the material world for just a while. At least for herself. It hasn't stopped her from buying things for me, but still, it's not the same when your shopping partner won't be trying on anything herself.

By default, I ended up giving up shopping for clothes for Lent. I don't really need anything, but lately I've found myself pausing over descriptions of purses. "Buttery soft leather" always catches me. I enjoy buttery soft leather. I especially enjoy it when it's a buttery, creamy leather. So, picture it, a creamy yellow, buttery soft, leather purse. Sigh.

After seeing a picture of myself from the back (big sigh), I've realized that I need new pants. I'm squeezing into pants that have no business on my body. So, I crave a shopping spree. Alas, my checking account cannot handle any such spree, and so I wait patiently for the time when my rent does not chip so heavily at my fashion budget.

If I could go on a spree, what would I buy?

Lucky magazine had a spread on "eco-friendly" clothes. Sadly, most things were over $100 or $150. So, my imaginary spree will do a number on the environment, because even my imagination is more budget conscious than environmentally friendly.

Well, first I'd stop off over here and invest in some undergarments that make me feel a little more grown-up. You know, like undergarments that match each other. I have long wanted a lingerie drawer, the kind that requires tissue paper in between each fabulous, silky piece. I pictured having this drawer as a married woman, but, hey, why can't I have it now, just for me? Why must all of my material dreams wait until I'm married? Heh...they do not have to, I tell you.

After successfully caring for the inside layer, I might run over here for some pants that fit just right. Then a quick trip over to a perennial favorite for some skirts that look good, feel good and don't break the bank.

Tops? Oh, those I'll just pick up along the way, maybe here or a mini-spree at the greatest money-sucker known to my bank account.

Shoes? Yes. Shoes. If I can't find what I so crave at TJ Maxx, well, then Macy's it would have to be, ladies. Preferably during one of their mega-mongo 40% of clearance sales. Ahhhh. What kinds of shoes? Black flats. Sexy, walkable heels. A pair of boots to replace mine that are worn out at the heel.

Oh, that feels much better. I feel like I've replenished my wardrobe just by thinking about it.

And that buttery, soft leather purse. Thankfully, I have one already. It's pink.

What's your shopping daydream?

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