Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Real World Wednesday

News Round-up

Three stories in recent days have caught my attention.

1) In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel, the government is calling back ex-pats. The government offers incentives, including tax breaks, employment and small business loans. This could be up to 450,000 Israeli citizens living in the US and up to 250,000 more elsewhere in the world. I found this article intriguing. What would happen if the US offered incentives for citizens living in England or those artistic types who have made their way to Paris? Or what if Canada called back all of their ex-pats. Half of Hollywood would disappear back to the great North!

2) Argentina has a female president. Cristina Kirchner is the first female elected to the chief office in Argentina. And, if you've ever seen Evita, you will know that females in power in Argentina know how to use that power. I am curious to see what will come of more females coming to major power positions in the world. Will this open doors for American females as well?

3) Kosovo anticipates gaining independence in early 2008. After decades of violence and unrest, this country may finally have peace and the chance to rebuild. I remember reading, years ago, about Zlata. Granted, she grew up in Bosnia, but much of what was happening in Bosnia, was also happening in Kosovo. I remember hearing about the conflicts in both of these places throughout my early teen years. I hope that the politicans working with the United Nations to decide on Kosovo's decide on whether or not they will recognize Kosovo as an independent nation, they will consider the far-reaching consequences and help Kosovo establish themselves as a new, peaceful, nation.

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