Sunday, August 12, 2007

After an Excellent Weekend

A wealth of beautiful things...

I like when I make you laugh out loud, and you seem so surprised at your own laughter.

I like that I know that you hope to name your future daughter something that starts with an L, because you like the way a cursive L looks when it's written.

I like that you think I'm beautiful, even when I question your sanity.

I like that you make me believe I'm beautiful.

I like when you suddenly but slowly reach for my hand when we're walking, especially when it's been a while since you held my hand.

I like that you cook for me.

I like when we can have a conversation when I actually stand up for my opinions and you end up agreeing with me (as these are rare conversations, I cherish them...though they become less rare as time goes on).

I like that you say you want to take more time for yourself but you find yourself wanting to spend that time with me anyway.

I like that you don't really question why I spout out random statements, interludes, in between conversations.

I like that I know where you want to eat.

I like that I know just where you to kiss you on the back of your neck.

I like that my touch can give you goose bumps and yours can give me them as well.

I like that I miss you when you leave (even though I hate that as well).

I like that you have come to enjoy spending time with my parents.

I like that you are strong (if sometimes stubborn) about your opinions.

I like the way you smile at me when you seem me walk in a room.

I like the way it's a slightly different smile when you think I look better than usual.

I like that we can now share strange, close details about our lives with each other that we wouldn't have shared a few months ago.

I like that we survived six weeks of living together when we both knew we weren't ready for it.

I like that we both agree that was a bad idea but can forsee a time when living together (though not "living together" in the shacking up sense of the phrase) will be a possibility.

I like that you are planning to take me home with you for Thanksgiving.

I like that you already know what you want to get me for my birthday (especially because such advance planning is so out of the ordinary for you).

I like that you insisted I tell you what's going on with my mom's health.

I like that you said you would pray for her.

I like that you are craving winter in the same way I am craving fall.

I like that you have made me cry happy tears.

I like that you have stood by me as I've gone through various epiphanies in the past several months.

I like that, before me, you had never had a real, long-term relationship -- that puts us on common ground.

I like that you love me.

I like that I want you to read this but know that I won't let you, at least not for a while.

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Clearlykels said...

That was a beautiful list filled with wonderful compliments. It gave me that warm fuzy feeling that usually doesn't come on a monday morning-- possibly because I am goofing off and reading blogs instead of working...oops.