Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Accio Brain!

After scoring in the below average range on the brain test on Lumosity (which I read about in School Library Journal), I decided to put my brain to use. Lumosity informed me that the brain begins to decrease in functional ability at age 30. That means I have just under 3.5 years to get my brain in good shape.

In the past several months, I've let some things go. I've cleaned out my over-worked little mind, and now, I'm ready to make a new commitment. I don't want to teach a class, and I don't want to tell anyone that I'll be at a certain place on a certain day of the week at a certain time. But I do need to re-engage my brain.

My recent hobbies include:
*Finishing a great big stack of books that consisted primarily of British chick-lit.
*Completing the challenging task of watching the entire Alias series (just finished! whoo!).
*Cleaning my apartment (which, you know is quite necessary).
*Reading and talking about Harry Potter (a rather time-consuming hobby!)

I'm not nearly as boring as that sad little list makes me sound. And now, I'm ready to put in some interesting things (and no, I'm not giving in to my tendency to over-do...I'm starting slow, and we'll see what happens).

To keep my brain active, I've come up with the following ideas:
1) Start my own version of the 365 Project. Check out my 365 Set on Flickr. (well, check it out after I actually start posting photos).

2) Read at least one non-fiction book for every two or three fiction books I read, so that I don't get too caught up in fictional lands. I'm actually thrilled about this one. I'm currently reading this, am about to start reading another and have these two waiting for me.

3) And, you know, every once in a while write here about, well, less me-centered things.

4) Uhm. Read about some stuff that isn't me centered (I read Newsweek a couple of weeks ago and was amazed to realize that, though I am a librarian, I am woefully out of the loop).

So, that's it for now. Working on a hobby I profess to practice (photography), read some stuff that is more nutritional than brain candy, and get outside of myself into the real world.

I can do that.

And before we know it, my brain will be back up at above average, where it belongs!


brandy said...

Sounds like you are a girl with a plan! A while ago I felt like I was turning into Veruca Salt a bit, so I started trying to focus a little more on things that weren't, well,.. about me. I also did a similar thing as your fiction/non-fiction ratio- but I did it with magazines. For every glossy mag about fashion- I pick one up about politics, or the environment, or just a National Geographic to keep my brain thinking. Can't wait to check out your 365 project!

brandy said...

Oh, I forget to say, I actually said "Accio" and MEANT it the other day. While looking for a Grinch outfit in a MASSIVE costume room, I got so frustrated that I tried it hoping that it would suddenly cause the outfit to zoom towards me.

Shockingly, it did not.

Bre said...

That Lumosity is superbly cool! I got unnaturally excited every time I got that darn bird!!