Saturday, July 21, 2007

So Worth It

I have caffeine rushing through my veins, but for good reason.

In five hours last night, I read the entire new Harry Potter book. Ahhhhh. I am vindicated. I won't tell you how or why, just that I am. And that, alone, makes it worth it.

And for those five hours, I was lost in J.K. Rowling's world, as I have been for each of the previous six books.

Here is a non-Potter tidbit from the Potter Partying last night.

WG twitched spastically.

I stared at him.

My best friend says, "Is that supposed to be an impression of Sarah?"

I looked at her and nodded.

My supposed best friend then says, "It's scarily accurate."

Ahh, how nice to be surrounded by the people who love me oh so very much.


brandy said...

dude. Just finished Harry Potter. So much to talk about!!

Haleem said...

Got here from Khadeeja's blog.

I just finished HP.. it's a great book, good closure and finished on a great note.

Thomas said...

Can I borrow your copy? Since you have finished reading it and all.

Sarah said...

B - I NEED someone to talk about this book with. No one I know in person has finished it! Oy! Read faster, people!

H - Welcome! And I completely agree.

T - Ah, sorry. I've got a waitlist on that copy, and it's currently in the hands of WG.

Beth said...

Ha! Funny! I finished HP on Sunday morning. Loved it!

AKA said...

I went through the craziest 3 days trying to read HP, and when I finished I just sat there wondering what I was to do then. I can't believe it's all done.


(do you think JK would think of making a series based on his kids...?)