Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Loony Bin Office

They'll just love being quoted here.

My mom: Your job is threatening your relationship.

Irenie: I think it's threatening your SANITY which threatens your relationship!

Yep, that puts it into a nice, neat, crazy nutshell.

And what am I going to do about it? And what really is making me crazy?

It's a combination of the following...please stick with me, folks:
*Working such slightly unpredictable weekends (including the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which, in addition to being a holiday, is my birthday weekend and also part of the week that WG has mentioned me coming back to the OK corral with him)
*I'm tired of having to be adept at working with so many age groups.

Okay,who am I kidding? It's really the weekends. If this was a regular 8-5, Monday through Friday job, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Yesterday was my first day back after being off for five days (counting the weekend), and I didn't want to be here. I came in from the parking lot just not wanting to do it one more day.

The weekend before, in one of our serious conversations at the beach, I told WG of my realization that I hate my schedule but love the teaching aspect of my job. He asked me what I was going to do about this problem. I told him what I'll tell you. I don't know. I'm such a whiner that I don't know if anything will actually solve the problem.

I was so excited way back when I interviewed for and got this position, but I was clueless and had no concept of the damage working weekends would do to my social life. I was also completely and utterly single (well, I was dating, but not seriously, and I had total control over my schedule).

So, other than whine to my family, my friends and the Internet at large, what do I do? Do I pursue that whole teaching thing?

What do I say if I end up leaving for three months in the Spring to follow go with WG to Australia? Actually, I have a plan for that one. I'll say that I've been offered an opportunity that I just cannot turn down, though I hate to be leaving my current position. Good, right?

I guess what all this means is that I'm halfway through the whining phase and on my way to doing something about my little situation.


brandy said...

Well my dear, at least we can say that your life is not boring! The choices are exciting to me, and I can't wait to read what happens next. I heard Austrailia is lovely... ;)

Beth said...

Three months in Australia sounds wonderful. What if you went and took the time while you were there to decide what you want to do? You have your whole life to work. Throw a little play in there!