Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

I have no solid answers, but I do have a better outlook on the world today. In the course of, oh, 24 hours, here's what went down.

1) I asked my mom if she could ask a friend with kids at a charter school if the school was hiring (a school I happened to attend way back in its founding years).
2) Said friend started going off the wall, called the principal, e-mailed her son to find out if he thought I'd be a good teacher at the school (yeah, he coached baseball there for two years and hasn't known anything about my life in 13 years...clearly he's the best person to ask).
3) The principal, according to my mom, would be "thrilled" to hear from me.
4) I called the principal. They have openings only in Math, Chemistry and Religion. So, unless they were hoping me to turn out some kids who vaguely remember Calculus, whose greatest success in Chemistry is not blowing anything up and are steadily growing more confused about their Religion, I think I'm not the best choice.
5) But he did add me to the sub list.
6) And the ass-wanker son thinks I'd be "great for the kids" and that I am also "one hell of a writer" (he's read my letters to the editor, claims his mother). Eh?
7) A friend at work -- thank heavens for Canadians who don't celebrate American Thanksgiving -- will switch Saturdays with me, so I will be off that whole block of Thanksgiving days.

It's really number seven that gives me a better outlook.

That and knowing that I've taken a bit of control back and am actively seeking change in my life.


Mrs. said...

"ass-wanker" yeah, that sounds about right

Bre said...

Phew, I'm glad things seem more under control!

Parchemina said...

Working weekends - I am so glad that part of my life is over!

It sounds to me like you enjoy working at libraries and being a librarian, but not working weekends - now that you have a bit of experience, might you be able to find a non-weekend position somewhere?

Please don't laugh if my question is completely unrealistic :)