Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yum Yum

I got tagged by Ms. Single Muslimah, and now it's my turn to list my five favorite places to eat. This is not going to be easy, as I love my food!

1. Sushi House - It's a wonderfully yummy mix of inexpensive Japanese food, including a lovely menu full of delectable and delightful sushi treats. This joint used to be just a tiny store-front restaurant in a shopping center in a tucked-away corner of the Bay Area. Now it's an area must with a sometimes two hour waiting list, and no, they don't take reservations. So, for an early lunch, a bunch of time spent gabbing away with Irene and a prelude to an exciting day of bargain shopping, it hits the spot. I recommend ordering a few different sushi options (especially the Cherry Blossom, yum!) and sharing around the table - so much fun I can hardly stay on my chair.

2. Mario's - Seriously the best burritos ever. Seriously. And so cheap. Drop everything, go to Berkeley and find this place, like NOW.

3. Pasta Pomodoro - My favorite chain Italian food (and location of the possible first date with WG, depending on which one of us you ask). Olive Garden's good, but Pasta Pomodoro has an often changing menu that includes things made with butternut squash and braised beef and sage. I just like saying the words. Their tiramisu is also quite enjoyable (though not as good as, theirs). Plus, they've got ambiance, and they'll let you stay until closing just munching on the last of your dinner and enjoying the company.

4. Alioto's - My all-time favorite special-occassion restaurant (something I share with Mama). People will tell you that it's a tourist destination, that "real" Bay Area people don't eat there. Well, so what? Then those "real" people are missing out on some fabulous seafood sausage, views of the pier and those characters they call waiters.

5. Home - With a mother who can cook like nobody's business, a father who's a whiz with that tower of flame that is apparently known as a BBQ, a boyfriend who's a perfectionist in the kitchen and a me who's not half bad herself, home is quite often my favorite place to eat.

Okee dokee, those are my top five. Now, I need recommendations from Ari (of Baking and Books), Mama, Clare (I would accept a simple three, in keeping with the theme of your blog), Parchemina and someone who reads this blog but doesn't usually comment, leave a comment with a link to your blog and your post about your fave eateries.

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Oh my god, I'm starving and this is making me HUNGRY!!