Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Madness

Colts win 29-17 against the Bears.

Didn't know I cared that much about football?

Well...I do. I suppose. I care about the Super Bowl. It's a holiday in my house. Everyone must gather, eat Doritos and watch the commercials.

After 90 yard Bears touchdown in the first 14 seconds of the game, I thought the thing was all sewn up and wrapped in a pretty package to be handed over to the Bears, a team with a player named Booger. No comment.

I missed the next little bit of the game because I was making this:

It might look a little odd, but it was actually a rather tasty Spinach and Broccoli Rabe Torte. I heard about it on my favorite food blog Smitten Kitchen. Actually, that's a story about my brush with blog celebrity (blogebrity?). I commented on the blog, and Deb, the author, actually wrote back to directly to me with a link to the I thought I had to try it. I'm glad I did, despite repeated calls from my mom, dad and Wine Guy to come sit down and watch the game.

The last couple of days have been sort of intense. I did get home from work on Friday and have a fight with Wine Guy. I actually started CRYING, and I don't cry in front of just anybody. I pride myself on keeping that wall up and not releasing the tears (despite how good a cry can sometimes feel). We worked it out. We realized that we have to actually TALK to each other, despite the fact that I'd rather crawl under a rock and pretend nothing's wrong.

My goal this week is to not have a fight, to not get mad at him. That doesn't mean pretending that nothing's wrong, that means keeping open lines of communication so that differences don't result in arguments.

The past couple of days have been incredibly eye opening. Wine Guy have A LOT in common, but our communication styles are hugely different. He even fights differently than I do. I like to spit out a couple of problems and then go do something else. He wants to sit down and talk about it. He'd rather be late for dinner than sit through dinner angry at each other. He makes me talk about things I'd rather just force away out of my system, and that's good. But he has to realize that once he opens up communication, he might not always like what I have to say.

Relationships are hard, and, Wine Guy is the first man in my dating history who I feel is worth all the hard work.

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