Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Posse

Last night, I went home for dinner (home to my parents' house, that is). I left the house feeling warm and fuzzy after this conversation:

Me: So, the stalker guy talked to me today.

My mom sat up anxiously: I haven't heard THIS story.

My dad: Oh. Really. What did he have to say?

Me: He introduced himself and said that he's the weird guy who's been leaving me gifts.

My dad: huh.

Me: He said that he's not good at talking to people.

My mom: Yeah, no kidding.

Me: I told him that the gifts had made me uncomfortable and that maybe he would make better decisions in the future...but, he also said that he hadn't wanted to talk to me, because he figured there was someone who would beat him up.

My dad got visibly larger at this point. It's like he's a super-hero or something.

Me: So, I just nodded at him. And he said, "You do?" And I nodded again.

My mom just started laughing and laughing, "Well, you've got at least two!" She gestured towards my dad and Wine Guy.

Me: Yeah, I figure I've got more. George has offered to bust a knee cap or two.

My mom: And I'm sure I could take someone.

My dad: And that's assuming he gets through everyone at the library first.

Me: Yeah, I feel pretty well protected.

Now, no one is going to beat up the stalker, but it is nice to realize what a fine posse I have.

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