Friday, June 09, 2006

Daddy Will Always Be My Hero

I wasn't even paying attention. I was focused on getting to the vet and picking up the dog, who had been there all day, having his teeth cleaned (you don't even know how we came to find out that the dog NEEDED a deep cleaning). After my long day at work yesterday, I just wanted to pick him up, go home, and bake some cookies for Hayley & Ryan's get together tonight.

And then.

"Sarah! GET DOWN!"

We were at a light, waiting to turn on the street that would eventually lead us to our dog, and


People were running in slow motion, but according to Daddy, they were moving too quickly for those who have done nothing wrong.



Tires squealed. The light turned green but we didn't move.

"They're all gone now."

We turned onto the street, and I tried to process what happened.

My dad called 911 on his cell phone and got put on hold.

We called my mom, and gave her all the details. She got off the phone and called the police.

We discussed whether it was firecrackers or what we knew it was...gunfire.

"I saw smoke, and those people were moving way to fast for it to be firecrackers"

Later, Mommy said, "If Daddy thought it was gunfire. It was gunfire." Because he would know, considering what he does for a living.

He just knows stuff like that.

And he DOES pay attention when it's most important.

And he told me to get down.

Daddy will always be my hero.

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