Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Early Return

10:35 p.m. last night

My mom: I wonder how hard it would be to change our flight. I'm about done.

Me: We can find out.

My dad: Whatever.

So, we call the airline people and get the details.

Then we mull over the cost and realize it's a wash when compared to the money we'd spend on the car rental and food for two more days.

Then, just for kicks, I text Wine Guy:

What would you say if I came home early, like on Thursday or Friday?

Wine Guy texts back: That would be wickedly sweet.

After all, our phone conversations had involved an awful lot of this: You need to come home. I know. Yeah, but you need to come home.

So, we're going home, and everybody is much, much happier.

p.s. I just found that a blog entry I submitted to LTR is posted! Look for "A Dating Story: Boxed In" - though the name has been changed, the story ought to be awfully familiar to most of you!

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