Monday, November 20, 2006

Missing You

Wow. So, THAT'S missing a boyfriend. I had no idea...I mean, I've had that ache in my chest when a relationship fails to get started, when a crush crushes me, or when I otherwise have to get over someone. But I've never been away from an actual boyfriend for an extended period if time. I am clearly not cut out for long-distance relationships. Well, there's that and the fact that neither of us is particularly good on the phone. We're both mildly deaf, especially when talking on the phone, and our conversations involved overuse of the word, "WHAT?!"

But now I'm back, and I can say, Oh, so that's spending a whole day with a boyfriend. Since we got back into town on Thursday instead of Saturday, I get to actually see Wine Guy for all day on Friday. We spent our day off exploring Berkeley (I think I impressed him with a local game store and Amoeba's great fun impressing boys). He was seeing Berkeley for the first time EVER, and this time when I visited the Campanile, I had my camera. YAY!

We saw each other in daylight, instead of in an evening after work, and neither of us melted into a puddle of goo. So, that clears up the whole, "are you a vampire" conversation. Good deal.

Coming Soon: The Adventures of Irene, Sarah and Wine Guy

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