Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Asking Questions

In my still new relationship with Wine Guy, I have made it a point not to ask questions I don't really want answered.

Questions like, "So, what's up with the end of your internship? Have you been applying for jobs? What can I do to help?"


"Have you ever told a girlfriend that you love her?"

But those are the questions on my mind, questions that I REALLY want answered.

A big part of me doesn't feel the need to ask any questions, because, in my heart, I've already decided that I want to be with him...so what more do I need to know? But my mind, oh, that tricky mind, has lots of questions that require an answer.

My last relationship ended for many reasons, but the biggest one was MY lack of communication. Sure, I ended the relationship after being rather irritated for weeks, but I never communicated that irritation, so the breakup took my ex completely by surprise (or so I think).

I can't be afraid to talk to my boyfriend, even if I might not like the answers.

But the love one....

I'll leave that one to him to bring up.

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