Monday, November 27, 2006

Rainy, Cozy and All that Good Stuff

It is quite possible that the last five days signify some of the best of my entire life.

Entirely possible.

Or, maybe the last two months.

Who knows?

All I know is that I'm happy.

Thanksgiving was a marvel. We had a peaceful (fancy that!!) dinner at my parents' house. Guests included Wine Guy and my friend Lea. Later in the evening Julie and her husband, John, came over for dessert. We munched on yummy treats, played Trivial Pursuit and had a grand old time.

At midnight, I found myself keeping Wine Guy warm while we waited in line to get into the Gap - at 2:30 a.m., we were in line waiting to pay. I've never been in a Gap at 2:30 in the morning before, and it was quite a surreal experience.

My birthday festivities officially kicked off with an unexpected trip into the city on Friday. Wine Guy and I made excellent time, getting to Irene's hotel in only forty minutes. Once we had collected Miss Irene, we headed to Alioto's, where we dined on the finest seafood sausage San Francisco has to offer and had dessert at Ghiradeli's (mmm "decadent drinking chocolate," one of my new favorite phrases).

My actual birthday was warm, quiet and fabulous. I got to do everything I wanted, including:
1) Replacing Mama's lost jade bracelet
2) Having a quiet "presents" time with Mama and Daddy
3) Going to Mass
4) Eating Turkey Tetrazini
5) Getting to see Wine Guy

And on Sunday, I woke at 6:45 a.m. and went with Wine Guy to Napa, so that after he got off work, we could explore "his side of the mountain." I spent most of the quiet, rainy Sunday, under blankets, reading books for work, organizing my digital photos and otherwise being incredibly productive. I also got up off the couch to go stare out the front window at the amazing view - the vines coupled with the rolling fog was pretty much irresistable. And when he finally got off work at 2:30, we could go on about our business, and he made certain that I was done being productive for the day.

So, in sum. The Thanksgiving Holiday and my birthday were cozy, warm, fuzzy indoor days that made me quite content and happy.

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You lucky girl. That sounds perfect.