Monday, July 24, 2006

Heated Shopping

What a great weekend! Of course, it was 115 degrees on Saturday and 113 on Sunday, but it was fabulous and just what I needed.

I volunteered at the fair on Friday afternoon and had a nice time pretending to be an actual librarian. I informed people about library programs, signed them up for library cards and otherwise acted like I know what I'm doing and my mom had a good time chatting up the other volunteers and getting out amongst the people - it was a blast. I also found out that my collage won first place in the Graphic Arts category!! Whoo-hoo!!

And Irene and I melted our brain cells on Sundy in Walnut Creek. Why we thought going to an outdoor mall would cool us down, neither of us know, but we blame the heat for that decision.

...and I just have to share this one little tidbit, because it just speaks volumes about Walnut Creek.

Irene and I went to the restroom in Nordstrom's. We opened the door to leave said restroom, and there was a woman on the otherside, just about to open the door.

"Oh, you scared me!" she said, as though I had purposely snuck up on her and opened a door in front of her, when in fact, it was her who almost ran right into me.

I am confused by people who are shocked to see someone exiting a restroom, and are, in fact, scared when they see someone leaving a public restroom. Uhm, are you the only person in the world who uses the restroom? Haven't you seen enough comedies to know that someone always gets their face slammed by the door, and you should be prepared for such an eventuality?

Ah, well, perhaps the heat had addled her brain, as well.

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