Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Last of the Top 100

Here's the last of the 100 things about me, and then, in the next post, I can talk about boys, or dogs, or vacation, or, uhm, anything but me.

And so, the final installment of the list:

76. I continue to find it fascinating how ridiculously small the world is.
77. On Friday, I saw my sort-of-ex from college (aka Goat Boy) at the fair.
78. I didn't talk to him.
79. Nor did I want to.
80. This is a good thing.
81. The sudden, out of context, appearance made me realize how much I've changed in the last several years, most specifically in the last three years.
82. For one thing, my hair is longer...and its natural color.
83. And I don't live in Boston.
84. Nor do I want to.
85. I do want to date someone who wants to be more than a jazz musician, because only rich white kids from the burbs have the parental funding to pursue such a career. And I want to date someone who actually is a contributing member of society.
86. And I have a serious bias against rich white kids from the burbs.
87. I am not a rich white kid from the burbs, nor was I ever.
88. Instead, I am a roughly-middle-class kid with a desire to save the world.
89. I was relieved to discover that I can save the world without having to move cross country.
90. My new career does not require a Ph.D., although I have friends getting Ph.D.'s, and sometimes I feel like I should get one,and then I remember that I don't need one.
91. Plus, I think that getting a Ph.D. would impede my newly resurrected habit of talking on AIM.
92. Apparently, I CAN still carry on three simultaneous conversations with different people on AIM. Ahh, remember the days.
93. While I have changed a lot in the last three years, I haven't changed that much from my favorite picture of myself from my childhood - I'm about four years old, dressed in pink overalls, glaring angrily at several dolls on the ground. Apparently, I was playing house, and my children were in trouble. There are two very funny things about the picture - 1) I have SEVERAL baby dolls...never just one and 2) My dog is staring helplessly up at my mom, who's taking the picture, as if to say, "This child is way too stressed out for a four year old, and I don't know what to do about it."
94. I find it both amusing and reassuring that I've always been this tightly wound.
95. Seriously, I was born stressed-out.
96. I've worried about my grades since kindergarten.
97. I've also had a slight obsession with the color pink since childhood. It's my signature color.
98. I still tend to match colors (what's wrong with matching, I ask you, what IS wrong with matching?), but I don't really wear socks that often and no longer have any scrunchies.
99. I am, at heart, a little country girl who happens to like frequent excursions to the big city and as such am oddly proud of the fact that my dad almost got in a fight with someone in the parking lot of a museum on a recent excursion to the big city and of that fact that my mom and I almost duked it out with a rude cashier in the cafe of the same musuem.
100. When I stop to think about it, I have a pretty awesome life, and I am rather happy with who I am, where I am, and where I'm headed.

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