Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'd always rather be Jennifer Aniston

I just saw The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, and I have to say that it was a great movie. I laughed, I got that little pain in my chest when Brooke stares at Gary in just the most painful way, and it all felt very real. Of course, it's much more realistic than Brad and Angelina's Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but then, anything where the couple isn't comprised of two spies for opposing teams is going to be more realistic.

The movie made me think more about why and when couples split. I think that sometimes, regardless of what anyone says or does, a single catalyst can end things. It could be the guy forgetting to take out the trash one too many times, it could be the infamous cheese question, or it could be something bigger that signals deeper problems in the relationship. But sometimes, it's the one thing that is just too much for one person to handle, and then the relationship is just done.

As this is also the first Jennifer Aniston movie I've seen in a while, and since Brangelina has been in the news so much of late, and that got me thinking about who celebrities are in the eyes of the public.

Jennifer Aniston, as seen through my eyes, goes shopping, has friends, maybe has a fun relationship with Mr. Vaughn, and otherwise lives a fairly normal life. I'm sure she does nice things, gives to charity, maybe even volunteers somewhere, but she does it without sending out a press release. She has family issues, she faces the same body-image issues as the rest of the female population, and she doesn't use her celebrity to make other people feel guilty or even jealous. She's just who she is, a woman with a pretty cool job that doesn't make up for any other shortcomings in her life.

I'm not going to bad-mouth Angelina Jolie, though I can't imagine that my little blog would ever cross the eyes of her high-powered attorneys, but in any case, I admit to admiring that Angelina uses her celebrity for good instead of for evil, but she also just makes me tired. I do what I can to save the world, but I will not likely adopt a Cambodian child and build a home in Cambodia so that my child can become familiar with his culture. Nor will I become a UN Good Will Ambassador or have a love child with Brat Pitt.

What I will do is worry about silly things like whether or not my jeans fit in quite the same way they did last year, try to get a haircut that flatters my face, and opt for a life of doing good in small ways, even if those ways never make it to the cover of People magazine.

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