Saturday, June 03, 2006

Family Resemblance

I'm working on a collage and needed some family pictures to complete it, and I came across this one...

I, of course, found the ones where I look just like my dad when he was a baby. Put the pictures side by side, and we look the same, trouble-making kid with a lop-sided grin and dirt on our faces. I also found the ones where my mom is young, stunningly beautiful and grinning at the camera.

But this one, I think, is my favorite. It's all three of us and completely unposed. Someone else took the picture - I think you can see their reflection in the window behind my dad. We all just look so...HAPPY.

We look like the family we are, and pictures don't always capture that.

Looking through the old photos, I was transported back to the time, well more to that age. I felt little again, so full of trust and hope. I felt a little pang in my chest as I saw my parents' relationship develop as the photos progressed. They REALLY love each other, and that makes me feel so safe in this world.

If nothing else, a trip down memory lane always makes me feel safe and loved. A perfect way to spend a hot, Saturday afternoon.

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