Friday, May 05, 2006

I seriously think that I am allergic to grad school. This semester (from January until now), my body has not been very agreeable. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that I hope come "the end of May" (my proverbial light at the end of the tunnel), I won't have done any permanent damage.

I don't think I've told all of my "loyal readers," BUT I did pass my culminating experience - WHOO-HOO!

Remember those whiney-posts about not understanding the purpose of these research papers where I couldn't get any assistance from my professors? Well, those papers were turned in and approved! SO, that means that I officially get to graduate and put grad school behind me.

This last week, I've been focusing on finishing my one remaining class...early. I don't have to have everything turned in until May 20, but I NEED. TO. BE. DONE. So, I am barrelling through, have completed three of my last four tasks and now have only the daunting course project to finish.

As I've worked, my mind has wandered (I'm still me, after all), and I've realized how lucky I am to have the supportive family and friends that I do. I've also realized how God does have a plan and a reason. I would never have completed or even attempted this program had I been married, or had I been married with kids, and I'm grateful that I didn't have to choose between school and family.

In any case, I am SO looking forward to getting back into the swing of life post-school. I'm rather tired of thinking about myself and/or school all the time.

I'll also be able to do more than complain to my friends. I'm hoping to be able to provide more of a support system than need one.

So, that's my story for today...and I am so glad that it's Friday!

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