Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today is a special day.


Well, it seems that it's the birthday of someone VERY important.

That's right.



So, even though I'm sure everyone (including her) already knows how much I love her (yes, I'm one of the fortunate few women who has a terrific relationship with her mom), but you know, considering that it's her birthday, here are a few reasons why:

* She loved me far before I was ever born (or conceived, for that matter)
* She hasn't always had the best of luck, but she does always try to make the best of a situation.
* She proves to me, in good ways, that we never stop growing up, just because we turn 18 or 21 or 30 or 40 or is an ongoing process, and she's always willing to better herself.
* She talks to me and listens to me. She's my friend AND my mama, and she doesn't compromise on either of those things. She's never tried to be more my friend than my parent, and I really appreciate that. I need my mommy to be my mother, and she is :).

...Also....she's niiiiiiiice :)

(inside joke...another thing I love about my mommy - we have this great ability to carry on an inside joke for years and years and years....and years...and years, and still find it wildly hysterical when someone says, oh, I don't know, "guess" aahhhhaaaa).

So, that's all.


(and as Simon Cowell would say, "That posting was rather indulgent, don't you think?" Yes, I do, but it's my blog, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRFDAY! HOPPY BIRTDAY! and all that jazz :Þ).

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