Monday, April 17, 2006

So...Hayley and Ryan got married a week ago.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and pretty much flawless. Hayley looked gorgeous in her silk gown and old-Hollywood glamour hair and makeup. Ryan looked adorable in his tux, wearing a big ole grin on his face. That's the one thing I noticed about their wedding that I can't say about others I've been to: The Bride and Groom smiled the ENTIRE TIME. It's refreshing to see two people so genuinely happy to get married and to be together. Rock on Hayley and Ryan!

The reception at the Officer's Club at the Presidio was elegant and lovely and completely Hayley. I still stand by the statement that if the whole bio-engineering thing should grow tiresome, Hayley should go into wedding and/or party planning. She had every last detail covered.

It was fun to play hostess/bouncer at the reception with Marie, Richard and Ron. We didn't actually turn anyone away, but we did have a bit of an interesting situation when someone who had RSVP'd "regrets" actually showed up at the wedding. Note to wedding guests: If you say you're not going to come, don't come. Marie had carefully counted every last seat and organized with the caterers to make sure each table had the appropriate number of chairs. Thank goodness there were still seats available, but really now...

Bouncer duties over, I had the chance to sit down and catch up with the lovely folks at my table, dine on the fabulous cuisine and yummy ice cream and dance the night away. Hayley did her bridal duties and visited each table before finally relaxing with her bowl of ice cream at ours :Þ.

All in all, it was a fabulous day, and I'm so honored to have been a part of it. I wish all the best to Hayley and Ryan! Congratulations & Aloha!

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