Monday, March 27, 2006

That, my friends, is what they call a WEEKEND!

Although it started off a big oddly with me in a cat costume talking to first graders (don't even ask), the weekend turned out to be quite fabulous.

Here's what 400 miles in a Honda Civic will buy you:

* A trip to San Jose to TURN IN MY CULMINATING PAPERS! For those of you who don't quite know what that means, remember this: the reason I have been hunkered down like a little hermit in my house is now done and over with! Yeah! Hurrah! Bring out the band and start the PARTY.

* An hour and half spent wandering the aisles of a super-cool grocery store with my super-cool mom. All in all, the San Jose trip was just fantastic!

Total: 160 miles.

* A journey to Berkeley for for one of the strangest parties EVER. First, it was in a wherehouse. Second, the main host was a man in a wedding dress with a plastic blond wig on his head. Third, there was some kind of vegetarian sludge in a bucket that people were eating with their FINGERS. Yeah, I stuck to the potato chips, fresh out of the bag I opened! Finally, the mass quantities of random white people dancing around awkwardly - honestly, I didn't know that that many people of the caucasian persuasion could be made to assemble together in the Bay Area. It is, quite frankly, a little frightening.

* The end of the journey in Berkeley, though, was yummy hot chocolate and lemon-custard cake at the only cafe open on University at 11 at night. Even there, though, a strange man tried to hit on my friend and me by telling us that we reminded him of his sisters and that we had nice earrings. He was quite successful, you know. He owned his own cell phone business.

Total: 100 miles

* Sunday brought some more fun and excitement in the form of Miss Irene! Hooh boy, what would we crazy girls do next? Y'all remember the "Irene and Sarah Go to San Francisco" post. Anything can happen when we're let loose in the Foggy City. Well, it was actually not foggy but beautiful and sunny as we drove around Fifth and Mission, unsuccessfully trying to park in the garage, our attempts to go ice skating foiled, despite the fact that we were both prepared with warm gloves. I even had my skates in the car! We were all set. Oh well...

* So, instead, we engaged our active imaginations and looked at open houses. Apparently, we are believable buyers of two million dollar homes but are just not quite up to snuff when it comes to looking at SIX million dollar homes. Good to know. Good to know.

* Seriously, we were just randomly turning on streets, attempting to amuse ourselves (this is what happens when you get an only child and a youngest child in the car at the same time...short attention spans and the need for constant enterainment apparently add up to aimless wandering in San Fran). Our wanderings at last resulted in a solid product: SHOES! Thanks to Nordstrom Rack, we are both the proud owners of some great new shoes...who can complain about that?!

Total: 140 miles

It was, truly, a fantastic weekend. Joy can be found in so many different ways, and this weekend proved that :).

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