Friday, April 28, 2006

On Moving Out (or On Living at Home)

I have lived at home for just over two and a half years of my post-college life.

It isn't always easy.

My parents love me, and we all know that I love my parents, but I'm also an "adult" (not quite ready to let the quotes go) living under my parents' roof. There are times when that is frustrating, and there are times when I do stop and wonder how I managed to be 25 and living at home.

I get out of those moments by realizing a few things from a practical standpoint. In my time at home, I have paid off my student loans, bought a car, paid for grad school and managed to start a tiny little nest egg. Had I been renting all of this time, or even any part of it, my financial status would certainly not be as stable.

I also use the emotional touchstones of living at home: I get to continue to nurture a positive relationship with my family. I can take care of the cats and dogs I begged to have when I was little. I get to go to the same church I've gone to since we moved to California.

And the other fun things: I get to cook and bake but don't have to pay for all of the ingredients (my mom's logic: my parents get to eat what I cook, so it's okay to let me use the family groceries), I live in a house in a safe neighborhood I could in no way, shape or form afford on my own.

Plus, despite all of my complaining to the contrary, "If I lived closer to the city, I would see my friends more," I do find that I get to see my friends and enjoy their company quite often :).

I AM capable of building a life while living at home, and the benefits do seem to outweigh the negatives, so much so that I don't even feel like naming the negatives!

So, these are my thoughts on living at home...and funnily enough, the grass is quite green on my own side of the fence, thank you very much!

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