Tuesday, February 14, 2006

While I should simply enjoy the warm weather, I find myself missing winter just a bit. A part of this longing for the cold is a mind-trick, I'm sure, because I know that this is only "fake Spring." The 70 degree days over the weekend were just a break in the wind and rain that we will still have to experience before Spring really arrives. I'm not being pessimistic...I heard it on the news!

Plus, I'm still in a winter mood. I still want to wear scarves and boots and coats and gloves and use my electric blanket at night. I want to huddle on the couch and complain about it being too cold to go outside. I'm not ready to have to get outside and "enjoy the fresh air."

Of course, I did enjoy the three day weekend, complete with sunshine and daily walks, but now that it's the week again, I sort of want to groan and complain about the dark clouds outside.

The people on the East Coast, I'm sure, would slap me upside the head for wanting to be cold, but hey, what can I say? I'm full of contradictions.

p.s. thanks to B & H for braving the nightmare that is I-80 East to have our weekly meeting chez moi :).

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