Thursday, February 09, 2006

My rant(s) for the day:

* Boys/guys/men, whatever your label of choice for our XY-chromosomed fellow humans, have a tendency to really not think about the consequences of their actions. I'm not talking about the random guys you meet and flirt with but who never call you. I'm talking about the ones who should frigging know better, the ones who know their female fellow humans (be they friend, girlfriend, wife, whatever) well enough to just make better choices.

* Today's tip for guys: If you do something wrong, we will find out. Whether we find out because you let something slip, because you post it on the Internet, or through various other means, we will find out. Count on it.

* My rant about my pseudo-thesis thingee for school (that's a technical, library-issue term, by the way): Why are we not allowed to ask any questions? Why is there no support for those of us doing research? I was warned that this would happen, that a few weeks into the process, I would question the reasoning behind the whole thing, and darn if all of those now-graduated students didn't have it just right!

I could go on, believe me, but suffice to say that this has been another emotionally challenging week for one and all.

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