Friday, September 23, 2005

Two months in, and no one has fled the scene. Okay, so yesterday, I experienced my first EVER two-month-aversary (I'll pause while you all cheer for me and this great accomplishment, haha).

It was wonderful. I am starting to get the hang of this whole girlfriend thing, although it does take some practice...hmm...

I always did believe that being a mother comes somewhat naturally but that being a girlfriend takes effort. I think that, for me (and since this is MY blog, I can talk about me, and I usually do...moving on), the maternal instinct stuff kicks in because of taking care of pets and parents :Þ, while I have nothing to which I can compare the boyfriend/girlfriend experience. That's off in its own little world and requires special skills and talents. Now, many of these come with the XX chromosome, but there are some things, like baking a cake and knowing the home prices in most of the U.S. states, that just seem to flow naturally through my bloodline. Other things, like knowing when it's okay to say mushy-gushy things, develop only with practice.

I'm still not used to it being okay to say how I feel. That's what it comes down to...I've had so many non-start relationships, crushes and flirtations, that I'm not used to having honest, open communication in a relationship. I'm not complaining. I'm learning. Little by little.

p.s. Miss I - whatever you need, whenever you need it, I'll be there...and we all break into song.

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