Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The little job yesterday in the stockbroker's office was a decent gig. I worked for 5.25 hours, wrote one short story, and finished the book I brought with me. It was a fairly quiet afternoon. I answered the phones and otherwise kept myself busy sans computer!

We have a busy day planned today - library, gym, etc. I'm looking forward to getting the little personal errands done.

My dinner last night with Julie has me convinced that Christmas time individual gatherings are a bad idea. Allow me to explain. When I had dinner with a couple of friends (no one you know) over the holidays, conversation was stilted, and time passed veeeerrrrryyyy slowly. Yet, when I met with these friends in the past few weeks, we've talked non-stop for hours (or at least for considerably longer than over the holidays). I was thrilled to be back in sync with these pals, but it leads me to believe that the holidays are too full of stress and responsibility to also enjoy meeting up with the people we only see two or three times a year. If it's a holiday gathering with someone I see every few weeks, then it's another great conversation. With someone I saw months before, it's awkward. Still and all, I'm grateful to have the holidays to blame rather than a waning friendship.

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