Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hey! New windows! Whoohoo! Okay, that's my when I have my own house I will still get just as excited about these sorts of things moment :)

Still pooped, but I've got a one day job tomorrow that is, in some ways, a mini-interview for another job in that office. I'm looking forward to earning a little dough, but I'm still working on feeling better. I had to take an hour and a half nap today. I was pooped! Oh well. Eventually, all of this will get worked out; I hope.

Can I just say that I have fantastic friends and a great family? If I complain too much about not having some of things I want, I'm sorry. I've got an incredible assortment of people in my life, and I am truly blessed to know them. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. {{{All of you}}}

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