Friday, February 06, 2004

This weekend, I am going to purchase for myself a lovely pink outfit. Not all pink, just with enough highlights in my "signature color." It's my Valentine's Day treat to myself. Macy's here I come!

I might even get a haircut. Yes. I will get a gorgeous new haircut. I think, however, that I shall avoid bangs. Maybe.

I will most certainly avoid hair dye at all costs.

I will not go to Master Cuts, because I am too afraid of those people to ever tell them just what I want.

For my hey-aren't-I-great-don't-I-look-stylin' haircut, I will go to Super Cuts, because I generally trust them (and they happen to have someone working there whom I have known most of my life).

Note: This is the first step in what is usually a VERY long process before me actually letting anyone touch my head with scissors (why am I so weird about getting my hair cut? I don't know, ask my dad...he's fussy about his hair, maybe I get it from him).

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